My name is Sherry Pogar

Hello all! I’m writing this to let people know that my name on Facebook will now be Sherry Pogar, not TimandSherryPogar. We are together and we are committed to one another in a way we’ve never been before. To have both our names is kind of not truth because Tim doesn’t get on Facebook. It’s just me. We made this decision months ago mainly because if a woman wants to contact me about something she likely won’t, knowing that Tim might see what she is sharing. Even being TimandSherry he doesn’t look but we do want those who may need help to know they can speak to us individually in confidence.

The other reason we are changing this is because one of the consequences of this brand of sin over a long period of time is a loss of yourself, the betrayed spouse. It is important in marriage to be two whole people, not one existing for the sole purpose and pleasure of the other, with their devotion dependent on your performance.  I have struggled with the actual doing of it though. Tim and I made this decision together. We’ve told our children and older grandchildren. I’ve discussed it with my therapist and small group and everyone seems to think this is a great thing, but it has been a difficult switch to make.  To separate our names on Facebook shouldn’t be a big deal but somehow it is. Is it that I am afraid to stand on my own? Even though our marriage is better than it’s ever been? I’m not certain what the struggle has been but today we make the change.

If you want to contact either of us, Messenger is not always a reliable way. We’ve just set up the email system for this site but there are a few kinks to work out. Our email addresses are:



I still have and we still have Tim emails with various men in the battle and I do not open the emails. Just in case the new ones don’t work yet.

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